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On Thursday 15th December at the District Court of Western Australia, Luke James Brooks was sentenced to fours years imprisonment with a non-parole period of two years for the offence of "Dangerous Driving Occasioning Death Under the Influence of Drugs". He was also disqualified from driving for three years.

Family Statement

As Leif’s family we are glad the legal process is over and that the driver responsible for his death has been held accountable.

However, we are painfully aware that no prison sentence will ever bring back our beautiful boy and more than anything we would like the conversation to focus on Leif’s story and what he was cycling for. Leif lost his life on a mission to promote climate action. He hoped to raise awareness of the links between climate change and investment by starting conversations about the consumer power of making informed and ethical banking and superannuation choices. Leif was a dedicated and effective advocate for the environment, and an experienced and safe cyclist whose life was taken too soon. While we acknowledge the significant pressures placed on long haul truck drivers, we hope that news of the sentence also raises broader questions about heavy vehicle transport regulations and compliance, and highlights the growing need for expanded cycle networks across Australia. Ultimately, it is a reminder for us all to be safe road users and share the road with cyclists.