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Some questions about Leif written by Leif's family in the Adelaide Hills.

Firstly, Leif was travelling for climate change with a focus on fossil fuels- why was he so passionate about this cause?

Leif had a passionate love for the planet and all the life that came from it. He believed in living every moment as fully as possible and doing absolutely everything in his power to protect the natural world. He loved big ancient trees, rare birds (and regular birds!), microcosmic ecosystems and all the beauty in nature. He aspired to encourage people to use their individual power for good, specifically by divesting their financial assets away from fossil fuels through their bank and super funds.

    You mentioned he had left around two weeks ago, what had his experience been so far? Had he enjoyed getting out and getting to know people?

Leif knew and was loved by so many people. He has family connections on the west coast of South Australia so he headed there first to reconnect with people he has known all his life, as well as making new friends. Everyone he met on his journey over the last 2 weeks has a story to tell about him. He touched the lives of everyone he met. From being given free showers and free hotel rooms, to police officers hotspotting internet to his phone so he could send excited updates home, people were drawn to Leif's charisma and courage. His passion for the planet inspired everyone he met and remains one of his most beautiful and defining features.

How you would describe Leif?

The most passionate and committed person you will ever meet. He rationally developed his convictions, and then held them above anything else. He influenced the lives of everyone he met.

You said you want to share your grandson’s story with the world, what do you hope people learn from hearing about Leif, his life and his cause?

Leif lived by his convictions. He intended to ride around Australia and raise awareness about banks and superannuation funds needing to divest from fossil fuels, and pressure governments to take tangible climate action. He knew that even though he was just one person, he could inspire others too, and that together we can make a difference. We want people to hear Leif's story and be inspired by his beliefs and his actions to realise we all can, and must, make a difference. To ensure Leif's legacy lives on we would love if everyone moved by this story committed to adopting ethical super options or even better changing their superannuation to more ethical institutions. Information about this can be found by contacting super providers.