A template you can use to write to your bank or super fund

Dear (Super Fund or Bank),

I am writing to you in honour of my friend and passionate environmental activist, Leif Justham, in order to continue his legacy. Leif worked hard to bring awareness to the urgent need for banks and super funds to divest of fossil fuels and other investments that are using our money to support companies, projects and policies that are detrimental to the environment, to Earth’s human and non-human inhabitants and its ecosystems. This is the message Leif was sharing as he cycled around Australia, demonstrating that while each of us is small, together we can make a difference.

I request that you do not invest my money in fossil fuel companies or other companies that are not environmentally ethical, that contribute to global warming and habitat destruction.

Now more than ever I am motivated to use my power to generate change. Tragically, Leif died in an accident on Tuesday 6 April as he crossed the Nullarbor Plain. I take this action now in order to remember Leif and the power of his convictions. Leif was just 21.

He fought for a brighter future for us all, and I carry on his fight.

Your sincerely,